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Why Ö Suites?

We’ve been to amazing beaches, forests, mountains, villages, resorts and metropolitans… but there’s no place like Saaremaa, our home.
We picked letter Ö to our name, because there’s no place on earth where one letter in alphabet plays such a big role in one community.
Did you know, that when a person from Saaremaa speaks to another Estonian, they can tell immediately that one’s  from Saaremaa? Yes, just based on how we, islanders pronounce the letter Ö.

We’ve created Ö-suites based on what we value of the perfect getaway place.
Though we have cable and high speed Internet available, we suggest you to open the curtains instead of the TV - we have the most amazing view of the entire town. Each suite comes with a balcony and you’ll have the view to the beautiful bay, medieval Kuressaare Castle and towns yacht club. And it’s not all - we’re perfectly situated so you can enjoy sunrises and sunsets, both.

We welcome you to Ö Suites with warm hearts!


Meri Spa Hotel spa area usage included in the price

The price of all suites includes the use of the Meri Spa Hotel's water center!

The cozy spa area includes an indoor pool, refreshing cold water tanks and Finnish saunas. In the large pool, there are several different relaxing massage jets, a waterfall and a counter current device, which is a great helper for those who, in addition to relaxation for their body, are looking for physical exertion from the water.

Meri Spa Hotel is connected to Ö Suites suites, so going to the spa is especially convenient!

Sometimes you go on vacation to spend time socializing with friends, family and that fun couple you met on your snorkel excursion. Other times, though, all you want from a good getaway is to actually spend some time away from everything.

We’re travellers ourselves, and after numerous stays in different hotels, motels and Airbnb’s we realised that at the end of the day all we wanted was some privacy. You know, the feeling that we’re at home, not someones’s guests. We also like to keep the options open. Some nights we want to go out and socialise, another evenings we just need a comfy couch and our favourite TV show. While we love buffet breakfasts, we sometimes like to have a long morning with coffee in the bed and discover the spots where locals have their brunches.

Besides privacy and having the options, we very much appreciate cleanliness and range of amenities.
And as with everything, but especially with accommodation, the top 3 factors are always - location, location, location! Free parking is a bonus, but we love when everything new place has to offer is in a range of a walking distance.


Buffet breakfast 

Your vacation, your freedom!
If on some mornings you have a feeling that you don't want to cook in your suites kitchen, you can go downstairs to enjoy an abundant buffet breakfast downstairs in the Meri Spa Hotel's restaurant.
Eat as much as you can!

Breakfast pricelist:
Breakfast price: Adult 15€
Child 9-17 years: 10€
Child 4-8 years 6€
Child 0-4 years: for free

Mon-Fri 07:30-10:00
Sat-Sun 07:30-11:00

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